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Welcome to this new blog website dedicated to the issue of child safety. Whether it be practical every day issues such as child seats or cyberspace issues regarding how best to protect your child from some of the less savoury parts of the internet, we will be there to cover it. Keep your eyes peeled as the child safety blog takes off.


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  1. poolfencebabyguard said,

    As a child safety advocate and an employee of a child safety fencing company, I highly suggest you take a look at the following link.

  2. mychildid said,

    We also are very concerned about child safety. Thanks for the great resource, very well put together. We offer USB Child Safety Devices that store all your families critical information in one safe and secure place.

    The My Child ID can send information directly to local police to be able to issue an Amber Alert quickly and easily in less time than it normally takes.

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  3. azchildproofers said,

    •Among children ages 14 and under, it is estimated that 40 percent of deaths and 50 percent of nonfatal unintentional injuries occur in and around the home.
    •In 2002, approximately 2100 children ages 14 and under died in the home from unintentional injuries. More than 70% of these deaths occurred among children ages 4 and under.
    •More than 4.5 million children ages 14 and under are treated in the emergency room each year for injuries that occurred in the home.
    •More children die from accidents in the home each year than from all other childhood illnesses combined!

    go to for more information

  4. safekidzone said,

    Yes, it’s true that the safety of our kids comes first. We parents always make sure to find ways to safeguard our children wherever they go. In this dilemma we created a personal security solution that keeps our kids and teens within help’s reach no matter where they are. As concerned parents, knowing that our young children are growing up and becoming more independent meaning we could not keep watch over them at all times. The kids go to school or go out with their friends and you work during the day so we give you peace of mind when your kids are not by your side. Well, for more child safety information just takes a look at this site:

  5. Natty said,

    Similar to a car, these come in scads of body types, upholstery styles, safety features, and prices to choose from. visit

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